Innovation in the branch of rail fastening

Track Fastener “Egg”

"We fastened the noise with a chain"

The system “Egg” was developed for prevention of vibrations that cause secondary noises transmitted by surrounding constructions. The name “Egg” was derived from characteristic oval form of bedding of rails.

The “Egg” consists of two metal parts, a rib board and a frame, that are connected to each other by vulcanisation. The mixture on the basis of nature india rubber is used on the basis of good flexible qualities and high lifetime and the best proportion of static and dynamic solidity.

The construction of the stabilization preserves reliably the gauge of rails. The horizontal stability is preserved which is important factor of certainty, especially in curves. The elastomer ring that connects the frame and the rib board absorbs not only vibrations but it provides at the same time excellent electric insulation. The vertical solidity can be adapted through the adaptation of elastomer to the wish of the customer. The “Egg” is usually delivered with two stabilization boards that are arranged diagonally. The anchor screws are placed outside the frame and it creates fix connection between concrete and the rail fastening and at the same time the anchor screws are stressed only on pull.

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