Innovation in the branch of rail fastening

Crane runways

From the beginning of the founding of our company we offer our customers our adjustable systems ORTEC MX (screw system), more precisely MXA (welding system)  for bedding of rails (in the Czech republic  registered at the Office for industrial property as utility pattern under number of the entry 18047) by projecting, reparations and montages of crane railways.

Systems are not suitable only for the crane  runways,  but they are applied for railways of rack interpolators (FEM9.831) and other rail applications. 

We supply for these special branches:

  • systems ORTEC MX and ORTEC MXA for side and high adjustable continuous or discontinuous rail bedding
  • elastic pads ORTEC
  • self-levelling  quick-setting pouring mortars
  • professional installations of these systems
  • Description of the system

Systems ORTEC-MX, MXA eliminate significantly the load arising by operation of the devices. Unlike other kinds of rail clamps the travel rails are not  attached solidly on it by usage of systems ORTEC  but only held und carried on the side completely freely by keeping of direction and high relations. Thanks to it, the systems ORTEC are not stressed by changes that are in changes of the length of the rail for example in the case of temperature fluctuation or running dynamic effects. Horizontal powers stress connecting material only on shear. Eccentrically drilled pressure parts secure connecting material against undesirable loosening. 

Systems ORTEC are not deliberately equipped with a so called elastic “nose” how it is by other erroneous called “fully flexible bedding”. Elastic parts can be separated from the main part of the clamp during the time through constant friction and load what can lead to significant damage of operation or to full failure in rail fastening. 

Systems ORTEC MX, MXA distinguish by:

  • special shaping that prevent from side stress
  • non-existence of hollow spaces, where water or other corrosion causing  substances could be retained
  • choice of adequate quality of processed steel
  • forged components in the sink
  • high quality connecting material according to norms DIN

Elastic pad of systems ORTEC (Lupolen V 2520J) reduces reliably tension peaks, prevents from “incorporation” of the rail into the lower construction of the crane railway and reduces noise of the device. It compensates the production tolerances on the  rail base.

Systems ORTEC MX, MXA fulfil demanding necessities of safety and economy especially:

  • through the quality of material – building steel St 52-3 (S355JO) according to DIN EN 10025
  • through the quality of manufacturing process – forged in the sink
  • through the well-thought-out design – rounded forms of the board prevent from pressures in the corners of the board
  • through possibilities of continuous side adjustability  from 10 to 16 mm – and it guarantees the possibility of the side  rectification of the rail  without  time-consuming  dismantling works
  • through adequate certificates of the quality

pptExtract of the system MX - MS PowerPoint animation


pdfCertifikát systému řízení výrobypdfProhlášení o shoděpdfStavební technické osvědčení


Systems ORTEC MX are systems for bedding of rails suitable to screwing on to lower construction.


Systems ORTEC MX are systems for bedding of rails suitable to welding on to lower construction.


  • ORTEC MX – elastic pad V2520J Lupolen
  • ORTEC-MXgrout – levelling grout
  • All screw (connecting) system

Other services

We offer in the field of deliveries for construction and reconstructions of crane railways and railways of rack interpolators:


We will deliver you all types of rail according to your requirement.