Innovation in the branch of rail fastening


Systems ORTEC MX are systems for bedding of rails suitable to welding on to lower construction.

These systems can be used to fastening of all rail types to different constructions (steel girders, concrete bands, concrete floors etc.) According to the type of the chosen  rail and supposed load it is possible to use this system both for continuous and for discontinuous bedding.

System ORTEC-MX is created by:

  • leading part
  • pressing part (excenter)
  • lower part for welding on
  • connecting material according to DIN
  • elastic pads for continuous and discontinuous placing

Catalogue sheets

pdfCatalogue sheet MXA15116cz.pdf, pdfCatalogue sheet MXAxx120cz.pdf

Extracts of designs

pdfvzorvýkresMXA1.pdf, pdfvzorvýkresMXA2.pdf, pdfvzorvýkresMXA3.pdfpdfvzorvýkresMXA4.pdf, pdfvzorvýkresMXA5.pdf, pdfvzorvýkresMXA6.pdf

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