Innovation in the branch of rail fastening

ORTEC.grout typ 2 - Rapid

Cementitious, high-performance non-shrinking grouting material for universal use

Product description

ORTEC Rapid is non-shrinking, highly performance grout on the cement basis with high flowability with very high early strength by very low value of decrease. The pouring material Rapid is free from chlorides. No accelerators of solidification are used and the bonding agent-matrix do not content any particles causing corrosion. Optimal binder matrix has very dense structure and is waterproof. It is possible to draw grout Ortec Rapid and it offers further following advantages:

  • undergrouting thickness : 6 to 120 mm
  • high value of flowing: rate of flowing after 30 min. ca. 80 cm
  • very high strength: strength in pressure after 2 hours ca. 20 N/mm2
  • resistant to rifts: Faktor W/Z ˂ 0,34
  • final strength in pressure: more than 125 N/mm2
  • quality of production of grouts is subject to intern and independent inspection

Fields of application

Pouring materials ORTEC are used in construction civil engineering to pouring of building parts.

  • undergrouting of steel constructions
  • grouting of machine, bridge bed
  • grouting of rails and slabs
  • anchor grouting of machines and threaded rods
  • grouting of kettles, turbines
  • grouting of prefabricated compound units and hole footings

Characteristic qualities

  • non-shrinking grouts with checked enlarging of the volume
  • possibility of high dynamic load in pressure and pull
  • high final compressive strenght
  • anticorrosion effect
  • good adhesiveness on concrete/steel
  • resistant to oils, salts and frost
  • non-chloride
  • guaranteed own and independent inspection of quality


  • in the fields with condition of high dynamic a static stress
  • in the fields stressed by sulphates and chemicals
  • in the fields with the requirement of quick hardening and quick achievement of final strength

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