Innovation in the branch of rail fastening


ORTEC MX – elastic pad V2520J Lupolen

Elastic  rail fastening system ORTEC-MX, MXA  makes possible the rail – because it is not fixed but completely freely held on the side - for example slipping on the girder during stretching of the rail as a consequence of fluctuation of temperatures.  The lower surface of the feet is not completely straight in consequence of manufacturing process. The elastic pad ORTEC MX makes easy the sliding of the rail on the girder and reduces operating noise at the same time.

We use material Lupolen V2520J for production of elastic pads. This material has been used with the best experiences in railways, tramways and other similar fields for long years. Although this material is loaded by high speeds, the dynamic load is completely satisfactory.

The combination of the  fastening system ORTEC-MX with the elastic pad Lupolen V2520J is guarantor for long lifetime and economy of rail placing.



ORTEC-MXgrout – levelling grout

Non-shrinkable high-durable and quick-harding grout on the cement basis, one-part material mixed only with water.

Usage for durable and fix connection under girders of crane constructions on fix travel runways, for landings of machines, engines, turbines, pumps, rolling mill and paper mill equipment and for buildings and reconstructions of bridge constructions, concrete parts and anchoring.
We will deliver you instructions for use and processing in the case of potential delivery.

All screw (connecting) system