Innovation in the branch of rail fastening


"Perfect electric insulation of the rail in many variants"

The system ISOLast is suitable for groove and head rails. It absorbs shocks and vibrations during tram traffic. This way of rail bedding  insulates perfectly electrically the rail and makes the through the drive originating vibrations considerably smaller. The reduction of the noise depends on the value of the springing of the foot profile. The recommended value of  spring deflection is on the basis of the system construction ca. 1,5 mm.

The material for sides is chosen so that its absorption of water does not exceed 3% and that it is able to hold horizontal forces led into the rail flexibly without permanent deformation. The right set density of the material of sides guarantees the stable position of surrounding material for example paving, asphalt, concrete etc.

The gauge bars that guarantee demanded gauge of rails are for the complexity of the system and securing of requirements of lead conductivity according to EN 50 122-2 equipped with flexible insulating profile.

Extracts of designs

pdfPatní profil 125.pdfpdfPatní profil 150.pdfpdfPatní profil 180.pdf

Extracts of designs

pdfISOLast1.pdf, pdfISOLast2.pdf, pdfISOLast3.pdf

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