Innovation in the branch of rail fastening


"Completely quiet with maximal absorbed vibration"

Conventional rail mounts cannot fulfil the technical criteria required for mounting the rail to the rail base. The system DELTA-Lager fulfils these technical requirements. It is possible thanks to the bedding of the rail in profiles of elastomer and special consoles to guarantee vertical shift between 1 to 10 mm (the maximal springing means high values in reduction of vibrations, too) and maximal horizontal solidity (˂ 2mm). This bedding can be used for all common loads.

Individual parts of the system have been constructed so that the system DELTA Lager is suitable rail fastening for applications in gravel lines that cause vibrations. It is possible to apply this system directly on the concrete band or wooden sleeper by usage of a special board. Thanks to the special construction of this bedding the vibrations of the stand of the rail are absorbed markedly. The high value of the springing guarantees significant reduction of the primary noise and the noise spreading though the construction. This system is registered in the Czech Republic at the Office for industrial property as utility pattern under number of the entry 17364.

Advantages of the system DELTA-Lager:

  • vertical springing 1 – 10 mm during  small horizontal deflection
  • high absorption of vibrations, noise
  • easy montage
  • high lifetime
  • maintenance - free
  • easy exchange of the rail
  • interesting price


pdfCertifikát systému řízení Výroby, pdfStavebně technické osvědčenípdfProdloužení stavebně technického osvědčení

Extracts of designs

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