Innovation in the branch of rail fastening

Bedding and insulation of rails

Nowadays, the usage of modern ways of stabilization and insulation of rails by projecting of  tramways or underground railways becomes more and more important. The firm ORTEC is the firm that specializes in solving of absorbing of excess noises and vibrations that originate by tram, underground or railway traffic.

The systems delivered by our company proved their worth in the practise and the company ORTEC has contributed to improvement  of environment and higher standard of travelling significantly. The application of the systems ORTEC in fix railways, in tunnels, on bridges and in the surrounding of buildings makes possible the bedding of the rail with the spring deflection of the rail more than 10 mm. The systems reduce effectively primary (acoustic) noise and the noise spreading through surrounding construction and demand hardly any maintenance. They are always 100% recyclable.


"Perfect electric insulation of the rail in many variants"


"Completely quiet with maximal absorbed vibration"


"Perfectly flexible placing = perfect protection from vibrations"


  • Undergravel antivibrating mats
  • Cap fastener
  • Glue ORTEC.pur – one-part montage glue