Innovation in the branch of rail fastening


Undergravel antivibrating mats

Special boards produced of rubber composites connected by polyurethane. They are suitable especially for town rail corridors, historical centres of towns but for other citizen buildings, too. Undergravel antivibrating mats minimize noise in the body  of the building. They serve as very good shock and vibration absorbers in the sphere of railway, road and tram transport.

The results of measurements after application of absorbing mats show significant values in reduction of vibrations in residential houses adjoining the rail body.
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Cap fastener

Cap fasteners are made of a special plastic and designed to protect rail fasteners in the tram lines before the intrusions of filler material (concrete, earth ...) into the fastener. They are produced in a version for concrete or wooden sleepers, as well as Vossloh W-tram.
According to the requirement these caps can be supplied that can withstand temperatures up to 190 °C.

Glue ORTEC.pur – one-part montage glue

One-part sticking dense matter on the basis of polyurethane that is hardened in the reaction with the air humidity in elastic rubber.
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